Same Day Crowns in Mankato, MN Can Change Your Life

November 5, 2015

same day crowns mankatoCrowns are a wonderful solution for decayed or damaged teeth. They fit snugly over the damaged tooth, stabilizing it to return its function and protect it from further decay. For years, nearly the only downside of tooth restoration with a traditional dental crown was the amount of time it took to complete the procedure — up to three weeks and two visits to the dentist’s office. But now, that’s all changed with cutting edge technology, and an amazing tool we call the E4D Dentist System, which allows Dr. James J. Kalina to perform same day crowns in Mankato, MN.

Same Day Crowns Give Mankato, MN Smile Solutions

If you suffer from a broken, weakened, decayed or fractured tooth, you are probably an excellent candidate for a same day crown. To make sure, Dr. Kalina will evaluate your tooth and oral health — and if you are, he can begin putting together your unique treatment plan immediately.

Ok, now you’re probably wondering: how do same day crowns work? Let’s look more closely at the advanced E4D Dentist System.

The E4D Dentist System: How It Works for Same Day Crowns

The E4D Dentist System has been an incredible addition to our Mankato, MN dental office. It allows us to create a visual recreation of a damaged tooth using a quick but thorough laser scan, which means you can say goodbye to those uncomfortable, bad tasting molded impressions. The clean and speedy digital scan takes just a few minutes and results in a series of detailed, super precise images.

Once we have an accurate image of the tooth, we create your same day crown to match its color, size and shape exactly — right in our office, using the E4D milling machine. Dr. Kalina then adhesively bonds your natural-looking restoration over the damaged tooth, in the very same appointment. The result? A fantastic restoration that gives you back the appearance and function of your natural tooth — all in one visit to Dr. Kalina’s office.

Caring for Your Same Day Crown

Once you’ve received your same day crown from Dr. Kalina, you’ll need to continue on an excellent oral health care regimen. You should treat your crown the same as the rest of your teeth: brushing for two minutes, twice a day and flossing once a day can help prevent bacteria from forming between the gum line and the base of your crown. You’ll have to make sure you maintain twice-annual dental checkups with Dr. Kalina, too.

When cared for properly, your same day crown can last for up to 15 years.

Schedule Your Same Day Crown Appointment Today

If you’re interested in finding out if a same day crown is a good solution for your damaged tooth, don’t hesitate to contact the office of Dr. Kalina. He and his team of dental professionals would love to help you achieve your smile goals with a dental crown in Mankato.

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