February 8, 2016

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You’ve just been told by your dentist that your tooth needs a crown.

Which would you rather…..

  • 2 appointments (first one 1 hour, second one half hour)?


  • 1 appointment for 2 hours?

We believe most people would choose one longer appointment over the two shorter ones.  That is just one of the advantages of our E4D cad/cam system for creating crowns.  All of the equipment is here in our office and each crown is customized specifically for YOUR tooth.

Which would you rather….

  • Have your new crown placed the same day?


  • Wait 2-4 weeks for your permanent crown while a temporary plastic crown is on your tooth?

Why wait?  With the E4D system, there are no messy impressions to take. We use a special camera to take images of your tooth.  From those images (we call them scans), Dr. Kalina and team will create the crown that fits your tooth perfectly, in size, shape and color!

The crown is permanently placed at that same appointment….no outside lab needed, and no 2-4 week waiting period for your new tooth.

Don’t worry that your mouth will be open that entire time. Much of that time is creating the customized crown, so you can relax with your favorite book or TV show right in the treatment room!

So….which would YOU choose?

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