Tips to Help You Find a New Dentist in 2020

February 25, 2020

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woman looking at dental info on mobile phoneIf it has been a while since you visited a dental professional, you recently moved to the area, or for some other reason, you are looking for a new dentist in Mankato, you have an important task in front of you. There are numerous factors that you should consider when you are looking to establish a relationship with a local oral healthcare provider. But how can you start your search, and how can you know if a particular dentist is right for you? In this blog post, we discuss these important questions.

Starting Your Search

There are few different methods for finding dentists:

  • Ask your friends. Your friends may love their dentist… or they might dread their biannual appointments. Whatever the case, ask them why they feel that way.
  • Search at home. Simply typing “Dentist in Mankato” into your search bar may yield quite a few results. Glancing at the descriptions for each site is a quick way to learn basic information about each practice that pops up.
  • Talk to your mobile device. If you have an Android phone, you can simply say, “Hey Google, dentist near me.” If you have an updated Apple device, you can also ask Siri to use Google Maps to search for dentists close to you

Narrowing Down Your Choices

Once you know of a few dentists in your area, it is time to narrow down your choices. Consider things such as:

  • Services and personality. You should like your dentist, and they should offer all the services you need to have a healthy, beautiful smile. In Dr. Kalina’s office, we provide comprehensive oral healthcare in a welcoming, friendly environment.
  • Reputation. Looking at reviews of dental offices will let you know how their patients feel about the dentists, their staff members, and the quality of the treatment received. Dr. Kalina and our team are proud of the many positive reviews we have received.
  • VIP plan. If you do not have insurance, ask if a dentist has an in-house savings plan that can help you minimize your dental care costs. In our office, we have the Kalina Cares program. Unlike insurance, it has no waiting period, no annual maximum, no deductibles, and other outstanding benefits.

Are you in the market for a new dentist in 2020? There are multiple options in Mankato and the surrounding areas. We encourage you to do thorough research before you make your final decision. If you give us the opportunity to serve you, we are confident that you will stick with us, not just this year, but throughout this decade and well into the future!

More About Dr. Kalina

Dr. James Kalina is an experienced general dentist who places a high priority on patient comfort and satisfaction. He offers a broad range of services, from preventive care to advanced restorative procedures. If you would like to get to know Dr. Kalina and our practice, contact us at 507-625-2021.

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