Dental Implants Improve Your Smile And Your Health

May 29, 2020

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confident woman with dental implants biting into appleWell-designed dental implant restorations look beautiful. In fact, they are as close to your natural dentition as is available in dentistry today.  If you have lost one or more teeth, dental implants in Mankato can certainly help you to regain an attractive, confident smile. But did you know that this treatment offers far more than enhanced facial aesthetics? In this article, we will discuss ways in which dental implants can benefit your health and overall quality of life.

Bone Health Support

After you lose a tooth, the bone that once supported it begins to be resorbed. That means that your body recycles the bone material for other purposes because it is no longer needed in your jaw. Over time, the resorption can reach the point where your jawbone takes on a significantly different shape. Dental implants act as substitute tooth roots. They bond with the bone around them and stimulate it, helping to keep it whole and strong. This feature sets dental implants apart from alternative treatments, which only replace the visible portion of lost teeth and do not support bone health.

Improved Nutrition

Raw vegetables and many other nutritious foods take a significant effort to chew. If you are missing teeth, however, you may tend to stay away from such foods because eating them is uncomfortable or even painful. If you do eat such foods, you might have difficulty digesting them if you cannot thoroughly chew them before you swallow. Dental implants solve such issues. They are extremely sturdy and can restore your ability to eat virtually any food, whether it is a juicy steak, a crunchy apple, or a crisp salad.

Clearer Speech

The tongue and teeth work together to help you create a vast array of different sounds. If you are missing teeth, you may find that your pronunciation suffers. Dentures can fix this problem to a degree, but most patients find that dental implants are the best way to restore clear, natural speech.

Fewer Mouth Sores

Many denture patients find that over time, the fit of their denture changes. They may experience mouth sores as a result. Their gums may also ache if their dentures frequently become destabilized while they are eating. Relining or replacing the dentures can help with these issues, but dental implants offer a superior solution. Because they are anchored in the jawbone, their fit will never change, and they will never slip out of place during eating or speaking.

Are you ready to replace your lost teeth? Dental implants can restore your smile’s beauty and provide numerous other benefits.

About the Author

Dr. James J. Kalina earned his dental degree from University of Nebraska Medical Center. Today, he works as a general and cosmetic dentist in Mankato with many years of experience. He partners with local experts to provide comprehensive dental implant care, and he carefully designs dental implant restorations so they offer outstanding aesthetics and reliable function. If you are interested in replacing your lost teeth, contact our team today at 507-625-2021 to schedule a consultation.

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