Dental Implants Mankato Relies On for Complete Smiles

September 25, 2015

woman smiling with beautiful dentures thanks to the dental implants mankato lovesWhether it’s just one or several teeth you’re missing, their absence causes a real problem. Beyond the most evident issues — difficulty speaking, chewing and a reluctance to smile or laugh — missing teeth has even more serious effects on your overall dental health. Many people are willing to sacrifice a back tooth, thinking the front teeth most important esthetically. What they don’t know is the back teeth preserve facial structure. Lose back teeth and your cheeks begin to cave in – making you look older than you are! Functionally, the back teeth are designed to tackle the bulk of the chewing. Without them the front teeth wear down, possibly loosen, and even fracture as a result of pressures they are not designed to withstand.  You have a lot of options in tooth replacement, but dental implants in Mankato are the best solution for several reasons — read on to learn why.