Clear Braces – Mankato, MN

Discreetly Straighten Your Teeth and Improve Your Smile

Traditional metal braces are a tried and true method to straighten teeth and correct occlusion (bite) problems. However, many patients hesitate to commit to them because they clash with their smile’s natural appearance. The metal brackets and wires may also be uncomfortable and give the impression that their wearer is juvenile or unprofessional. Fortunately, many individuals who suffer from orthodontic issues are candidates for clear braces in Mankato.

How Clear Braces Work

happy woman with straight teethClear braces use a series of clear aligners that apply gentle, sustained pressure to teeth. You wear each aligner for a specified period of time (usually a couple of weeks) before moving on to the next aligner. Each new aligner brings your teeth a little closer to their ideal position. Sometimes, attachments are necessary to ensure the treatment is as effective as possible.

In general, clear braces are able to address issues such as crooked teeth, gaps between the teeth, overbite, underbite, and crowding. However, severe orthodontic problems may require that patients use traditional braces instead.

Types of Clear Braces

Dentist holding aligner and explaining clear braces to patientDr. Kalina offers two types of clear braces:


Invisalign is the most widely recognized clear braces treatment. It uses highly advanced technology to help dentists plan treatment and ensure desirable results for patients. Patented SmartTrack material improves the comfort of the aligners and Invisalign’s overall predictability. Because the aligners are easy to put on, take off, and care for, patients are able to enjoy a wide variety of foods and a simple oral hygiene routine throughout their treatment period.


In many ways, ClearCorrect is similar to Invisalign in Mankato. It also employs highly advanced technology and gives patients the convenience of removable aligners. As long as patients comply with their treatment plan, they can expect to experience desirable results. Perhaps the biggest difference between ClearCorrect and Invisalign is the material used to make the aligners.

Achieving Your Dream Smile

hand with clear aligner

Your journey to a straighter, healthier smile begins with a visit to your dentist in Mankato. Dr. Kalina will evaluate your mouth and determine if clear braces will work for you. He will also make a recommendation on whether Invisalign or ClearCorrect is a better fit for your circumstances. Once a plan is made, you will have photos and scans or impressions taken of your teeth. Your aligners are made from the information gathered.

Throughout your treatment time, you will need to visit our office periodically so we can ensure that everything is going according to plan. When your treatment is complete, you will receive custom-fit retainers to keep your teeth in their new positions.

Are you ready to let clear braces in Mankato unveil your smile’s true potential? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kalina.

Clear Braces FAQs

using invisalign

Before you schedule your clear braces consultation with Dr. Kalina, you may want to learn more about the journey ahead of you. Here are the answers to some questions that our patients frequently ask regarding this type of treatment.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

The duration of treatment depends on your unique teeth. If you just want to straighten your front teeth for cosmetic purposes, you can expect a shorter treatment period than if your teeth require extensive shifting. Most patients notice initial results within the first few months. During your initial consultation, Dr. Kalina will be able to give you an estimate for how long you can expect your treatment to take from beginning to end.

How Much Do Clear Braces Cost?

The cost for your clear braces will depend on how many aligners you need to straighten your teeth, whether you require any attachments, and other factors. In general, the price of clear aligners is in the same ballpark as the cost of traditional braces. Our team will be happy to help you explore your payment options.

Will Clear Braces Make My Mouth Sore?

A bit of tenderness is normal when you are undergoing any type of orthodontic treatment. You might especially notice this when you switch to a new aligner. Over the counter pain relievers and sipping on cool water can help to mitigate any soreness. Many patients find it beneficial to switch to a new aligner just before they go to bed so they can sleep through part of the initial adjustment period.