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Do Dental Implants Set Off Metal Detectors?

June 17, 2021

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Man walking into scanner, wondering, “Will dental implants set off metal detectors?”

With COVID-19 dwindling and the summer season underway, millions of people have plans to travel sometime within the next few months. Are you among them? If your future involves getting on an airplane, it is understandable if you are a little nervous about going through airport security, especially if you have dental implants. Will your dental implants set off the metal detectors? In most cases, the answer is no.


Dental Implants Improve Your Smile And Your Health

May 29, 2020

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confident woman with dental implants biting into appleWell-designed dental implant restorations look beautiful. In fact, they are as close to your natural dentition as is available in dentistry today.  If you have lost one or more teeth, dental implants in Mankato can certainly help you to regain an attractive, confident smile. But did you know that this treatment offers far more than enhanced facial aesthetics? In this article, we will discuss ways in which dental implants can benefit your health and overall quality of life.


Tips to Help You Find a New Dentist in 2020

February 25, 2020

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woman looking at dental info on mobile phoneIf it has been a while since you visited a dental professional, you recently moved to the area, or for some other reason, you are looking for a new dentist in Mankato, you have an important task in front of you. There are numerous factors that you should consider when you are looking to establish a relationship with a local oral healthcare provider. But how can you start your search, and how can you know if a particular dentist is right for you? In this blog post, we discuss these important questions.


Can I Still Get Cavities if I Have Porcelain Veneers?

January 23, 2020

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dental exam close-upPorcelain veneers in Mankato are a remarkable cosmetic treatment. They can transform the teeth by disguising many flaws, such as cracks, chips, discoloration, and more. The porcelain is also very durable; it is even invulnerable to cavities. But does that mean that the teeth beneath the veneers will always remain healthy and decay-free? Not necessarily. In this article, we discuss why teeth under veneers are still susceptible to cavities and how you can protect them.


Dental Implants or Crowns: How Best to Replace Your Missing Teeth

December 20, 2019

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a woman pointing to her smile while holding a mold of teeth and a dental implantIf you are missing a tooth and are looking for the right solution to restore your smile, you have a few choices, two of which are dental implants in Mankato or crowns. While a thorough examination by your dentist is required before moving forward with any type of restorative dentistry, it is important that you weigh your options before seeking treatment. Take some time to learn the difference between implants and crowns. As a result, you will become more well-informed on which method of treatment might be best for you.


November Is TMJ Awareness Month — Take Care of Your Jaw!

November 23, 2019

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woman with jaw acheYour jaw plays an important role in chewing, speaking, and singing. Many people take this little member of their body for granted — until it starts to ache. If you are experiencing persistent pain in your jaw, it is possible that you have TMJ dysfunction (sometimes referred to as TMD). Because November is TMJ Awareness month, we are taking this opportunity to discuss what TMD is, how you can recognize it, and how your dentist may be able to help you find relief through TMJ treatment in Mankato.


Direct Bonding VS Porcelain Veneers: Which to Choose?

October 11, 2019

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Porcelain VeneersIf you want to improve some of the imperfections in your smile, there are several cosmetic dentistry options available. If you want to improve the shape, color and overall style of your teeth, your choices will likely come down to porcelain veneers or direct bonding. Both have their benefits, but which is best for you? Here is what you need to consider when comparing direct bonding VS porcelain veneers in Mankato.


4 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Dental Implant Infections

September 18, 2019

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dental checkupDental implants in Mankato have an extremely high success rate — but that does not mean they are risk-free. In rare cases, an infection called peri-implantitis develops. Bacteria invades the tissue around the implants and eats away at the gums and bone much the same way it does with a natural tooth. If the infection gets bad enough, it could cause the dental implants to fail altogether. How can you reduce the risk that your dental implants will suffer from such a fate? Here are some simple tips to help you out.


How Diabetes Can Affect Gum Disease

August 21, 2019

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testing blood sugarDiabetes has been called a “silent killer” because it does not produce obvious symptoms until it is quite severe. It can wreak havoc on a number of bodily systems and drastically affect an individual’s quality of life. It even has a strong correlation with gum disease. Gum disease, in turn, can have a detrimental effect on controlling Diabetes. In this post, we will discuss how this vicious cycle works and how you can take control of both your oral and overall well-being.


10 Tips for Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist to Transform Your Smile

July 6, 2019

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happy young man pointing at smileDentistry is more than a science or a medical discipline. It is also an art. That artistry comes most prominently into play when a dentist is transforming their patients’ smiles through cosmetic treatments. If you have been thinking about changing the way your teeth look, it is important that you choose the right cosmetic dentist in Mankato for the job. Here are 10 tips to help you find an “artist” who will provide you with the beautiful, natural-looking results you want.


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